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Sunday, May 7th, 2006
9:53 pm - may 7 2006
i'm smoking a boyfriend would be furious with me if he were home...

but he's not, not that i care that he's not home...i like my time alone at home.

I'm listening to Neko Case! She's great!

I'm drunk and I feel like it's okay that I'm being destructive.

It's like every once in awhile I need to feel that way.

I'm fucking 21 years old.

Most of the time I can't wait to get married, buy a house, make a shit ton of money, and pop out two kids hopefully boys, but right now...I can get wasted on a Sunday night, not study, and feel young.


thank god I got a lot of that whole rebellion or whatever you want to call it out of my system while I truly was 'young'...

just thought i would let anyone who still reads this that i'm still me...

good nite. bonsoir!

current mood: drunk

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Saturday, December 17th, 2005
11:21 pm

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Friday, May 6th, 2005
5:09 am - Paris to Milwaukee....
Well...after my wonderful spring break I thought perhaps I might want to start using lj again to keep an account on my travels and life in Europe...

I feel so far away from everyone! (YES, even my boyfriend.) It seems impossible to stay in touch being four thousand miles away in such a different environment, but soon enough I will return to life as it was before February 21st 2004 and I don't want to go through too much reverse culture shock. I also want people to have at least a vague idea of what I have been up to, not that I won't share all my stories when I come home as well.

Hope everyone who reads this is doing well...


current mood: thoughtful

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Friday, February 11th, 2005
4:40 pm
How do you pack for five months???

I've heard pack light and bring things you wouldn't miss, but that's hard considering I'm going to Paris: fashion mecca of the world!!! I know I'll probably spend more on clothes then food so I shouldn't worry too much. I may be starving but at least I'll look good. That sounds like a Sex in the City quote...

Bon Voyage to me.

Oh ya, in case you haven't heard- party Saturday night!! In the shaw at my parent' for more info.

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Monday, December 27th, 2004
10:31 pm
Just found this one on fresh luggage.

[vaguely remember it- but couldn't help but smile when I remember how drunk I used to be]

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Tuesday, August 3rd, 2004
9:42 am - Summertiime
So there are three pictures sitting my windowsill. One of Kathryn and I, the other of Krissy, myself and Fran, and the last picture is of Alex and I. I was looking at them and realized that they are like a timeline of high school. The first was freshman year, Kathryn and I are wearing homecoming dresses, but we didn't go to homecoming. Instead we went out for Chinese and Kat found no fortune in her fortune cookie. The picture of Alex and I is when I took him to homecoming my sophomore year. He was his usual crazy self at that event and had everyone watching him dance and I just laughed so hard I cried as Alex usually got me to do. The last picture is my two best friends and I- drunk at Dan Hetzel's! This was senior year- So, there you have it basically. Kathryn, Alex, Krissy and Fran. Not to say there aren't many others that come to mind when I think of my friends and people who influenced me throughout high school, but those were basically it.

Kathryn is coming to visit next Tuesday. I haven't spoken with Alex in months. Saw Krissy yesterday and Fran and I hung out last Thursday.

Oh livejournal...i think i hate you!

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Friday, May 21st, 2004
1:38 am
People on MySpace have way too much time on their hands. However, this was quite amusing...

How to crash a party/ be an asshole

here is your how to list for being like The World Class Heckling Crew

Rule . 1 is so vital to obtaining complete asshole status
1. ALWAYS drink WAAAAY too much
2. When entering a party(preferably that you weren't invited to), before anyone can say anything to you,always make a generalized statement dissing the entire party(eg. Sup Lame-Os!) and always act like they should thank their lucky stars that you even showed up.
2.A) always refer to yourself as "the god"
2.B) Feast or famine rule...applies here....always arrive either way too early or way too late...2 hours early is a good starting point cuz then the host will ahve to find somehting to keep you busy, but never...NEVER offer to assist in preparations instead offer criticisms(e.g. "you're gonna put the keg where?" "you invited them?!?" "so is your sister coming...and is she single now?")
3. Proceed directly to where the beer/alcohol(aka "the beer machine") is, all the while saying "where the hell is the booze?"
4. If you brought your own beer, hide it, and drink everyone else's first.
5.Never stop clowning people.
6. When introduced to people act like you are really interested in meeting them. but you don't have to remember their names(see rule 7)
7. Always refer to any guy you didn't know before you arrived at said party as "fucker". Refer to any girl as "sister".
7.A) Periodically turn to the fucker next to you and say "this party is tight." no matter how dope or lame the party is you must do this. Especially if the party sucks. You always get a funny response from some herb
8. drink your liquor/beer out of a strange cup. take a peek in the china cabinet or any cabinet and find some huge goblet or some shit and fill it with beer. the more expensive looking the better. and continually refer to it as your "beer mug", even if it is a vase, wok or crystal gravy boat.
9. Encourage everyone to do shots of Jeigermeister or Tequila.
10. If you have to Yak, try to yak on the front steps or anywhere they wouldn't want you to yak.
10.A) periodically fall over and knock shit around and pretend as if it wasn't you
11. if you notice a group of "cool" people excluding themselves from the party in their own little circle, then they shouldn't have even come. they should have stayed home in their little antisocial cuccoon. Walk directly over to them and force them to join the party. they'll hate you. and the rest of the party will enjoy watching their embarassment. If there are any girls in this little click, grab them and start dancing with them and revert back to rule.9.
12. Play DJ. go over to the dj and convince him to let you spin for awhile. NO MATTER HOW BAD OF A DJ YOU ARE. once you have commandeered the tables take control of the party. This is about being an asshole but when it comes to djing you always PLAY HOT SONGS. rock the fuck out of the place. people will start dancing and they'll temporarily forget that you're a dickhead. if you like, you may yell stupid things( holla!, Remix!, New Shit!, DJ Drunky McPissyouoff is in the building!) over the song at inopportune times.
13. As the party progresses and people start to be too wasted to know what's going on, step up your game. hit on the hot drunk girls whose boyfriends aren't paying attention because they're playing beer pong with Moose and Chad.
14. Now the night is almost over. Find the broad you were making a little conversation with 3 hours ago and take her in the bathroom. What you do from here is on you. I can only point you in the right direction. But getting a polish is a hint.
15. Drink UNTIL all the beers are gone. Then drink until all YOUR beers are gone. Always overstay your welcome.
16. Thank the host for having you. They'll invite you back.
feel free to add you own crappy ideas

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Saturday, May 15th, 2004
7:31 am - I wish I could follow you....
Last night was amazing!!

I wasn't even going to leave. I wanted to borrow some box sets and just watch t.v., but Katie dragged me out. We went to The Space and just hung out, drank some wine, admired the loft, etc. Then we went back to her house and got ready to go out which took much too long, but I got an awesome massage out of it from Anthonee. Finally, we drove to Kenedees downtown and man was I starving. I ordered a grilled cheese and bacon sandwich which came with a tomato and fries, it was so perfect. We drank cosmos and then Anthonee's brother joined us and he is quite the intrigue as far as intriguing men go. It was a little awkward and there was a spectacle made of my age, but it didn't really bother me considering I am not about to let it bother me. I found it quite trivial that there was such a difference in the day and year I was born. I could hold my own in every conversation and on top of that, I felt so cute. It's actually pretty funny how earlier in the evening I talked to drunkass and he said to have fun and I said that I didn't even know what I was going to do, but he just replied, "well, you're cute babe." And at the time, I couldn't help but laugh because I found it quite ridiculous that he said that at that moment, but I guess it works.

Anyway, the boys wanted steak so we went to Moe's. Everyone there knows "Eric" and I felt like a god damn movie star or something. It was awesome!! The food was soooo good. After dinner, dessert and cappuccino along with good conversation and I mean good fucking conversation. The type that makes you feel really good afterwards. It was really nice to hear that someone had the best three days of their life in Paris and I am so excited to go. We decided to leave even though I would have stayed all night. "Eric" drove a Porsche and I couldn't help but demand a ride and then I found myself driving around downtown in a silver boxer. It was a taste of the "good" life which we discussed isn't good unless you are happy, blah, blah, blah, I knew to embrace the night- especially that moment. We couldn't decide where to go and for some reason I had a million people calling me. Seriously, it was ridiculous how many people called me last night. That also made me feel quite nice. We ended up downsizing our group to three and meeting up with Fran and her friends at some terrible bar over by Marquette. It was quite horrible, but whatever!! We left there and went over to Tracks to meet up with some other people. It was pretty fun and some weird girl was trying to take pictures of everyone. The bar closed and Katie and I went back to my apartment and I fell asleep, but now it's 7:30 in the morning and I really need to go back to bed. I am so proud of myself for not being hung over, but I was drunk the whole night.

Okay, time to get some sleep!!!

current mood: Satisfied

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Tuesday, May 11th, 2004
12:26 am
I really hate birth control....i can just feel all these awful hormones making me crazy

i suppose it's worth it though because god knows i don't want to be producing any illegitimate children

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Sunday, May 9th, 2004
9:23 pm

My insanely stupid emo name is break my body you bitch.
Take The "If Your Name Was An Emo Song... Generator Thingy" today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

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Wednesday, May 5th, 2004
3:23 pm - it's in my skin and in my mouth
it's just one of those days

you listen to sad songs

to make yourself cry

because you've been trying so hard not to

and it's come to the point

that you know you have to do something

about your situation

if only the ones causing all this confusion

could help you sort it all out

"destroy yourself
what the fuck."

current mood: sad
Monday, May 3rd, 2004
3:30 am - Four Day Week-end
Thursday: woke up at 7am at my parents house after a long night at the bar. wrote a five page paper. sped home to get to class on time to turn in said paper. got home from classes and got ready to out to gayboyfriend's dinner party at the cutest french restaurant in milwaukee. visited drunk-ass at work and he put me in a bad mood, but for no good reason- his mood just rubbed off on me. slammed a glass of wine before picking up james and then he drove from then on. ate good food and drank good [strong] drinks. met good people and had good conversation. dropped off james and then switched to his roommate. went back to the apartment. drank more wine with my roommate and some friends. went to onopa. saw my favorite bartender rob. got more drunk. krissy and friends showed up. kissed rob before i left. went to riverhorse. drank some more. after this is a blur, but apparently-

everyone went to Qdoba where i ate a burrito all by myself!!!! [i don't remember ordering or paying too which is the scary part]

got home and hung out and then puked and passed out crying. [don't ask me why i was crying, i just was and the mascara stains all over my pillow prove it!!]

Friday: woke up at 10am and looked through my phone only to find that i had called too many people and had too many messages. tons of fucked up shit happened after i passed out, but it's stupid drama bullshit anyway so whateva! woke up krissy to ask her what she remembered which wasn't much more than i did. went and got coffee and visited paul to see what he could tell us about the prior night. we had the most terrible experience at sentry one could ever have at a grocery store. laid around till i had to get ready for work. had a good drive to work. had the best night ever at work as far as tips and flirting goes, especially with my manager who wants me, i think. stayed at the bar till around 3:30 slept at my parents house

Saturday: woke up at my parents house around 11 or something. did nothing and a little bit of homework before falling asleep. woke up around 9pm and got ready. picked up paul and james and then chris and then jerri and then drove to parkers and then dropped of jerri and then drove to madison. the party got busted so it was moved. talked to a lot of cool people. got pretty fucked up. chris drove us all home as the sun came up.

Sunday: woke up around 12 and got ready to go to my dad's thing at UWM. mom picked me up and went. afterwards we went to Mollica's and I got drunk. Danny and I had a good wasted talk and he is 50 and advised me to stay in drunkass's life, which was surprising. Danny doesn't want me to go to France though. went home. ordered a pizza. katie, collin, and jason came over with beer and watched family guy. went out to some dive bar in riverwest. had a good talk with collin. went home to have an A-bar with Krissy....and here we are...I'm DRUNK!!! wow- it's all about alcoholic week-ends

current mood: drunk

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Saturday, May 1st, 2004
5:34 pm
"oh those beatniks, living in bohemian love pads and hunting for strange kicks...count me in!"

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Tuesday, April 27th, 2004
7:56 pm - Radio 4
Off to James and Paul's house for some B-bar fun!

Hopefully I'll get in Cactus Club to see Radio 4 even though I want to be in Chicago with drunk-ass watching Josh Rouse.

I don't know why I'm posting- just trying to waste time I guess. [god knows anyone really needs to read any part of this]

My gayboyfriend is better than yours! Fuck all y'all bitches! I need to be drunk right now.

Ta ta for now!

current mood: Stupid

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Wednesday, April 21st, 2004
11:11 pm - Thanks for making me a "sex in the mouth" drink!
I have the best gay-boyfriend ever!!!

that is all


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Monday, April 12th, 2004
10:40 pm - my god- do i need a shower!
i should study for my exams this week, but i probably won't...

i'll just sit on the computer...making mix cd's...feeling fat because i just ate way too much chinese food....feeling alone even though i don't want to be around anybody right now...smoking....snacking...basically wasting time that shouldn't be wasted


current mood: lazy

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Sunday, April 4th, 2004
11:06 pm

This picture cracks me up...

Gotta love the fresh luggage guy!

So it was decided this week-end that my bar will be called The is funnier than you know- unless you were there when it was named then you are laughing right now! Good times, good times...

except for me making an ass of myself, but it wasn't half as bad as it could have could have been worse, like when I blacked out at Cactus Club and then fell over and had to be carried out of the bar- that will hopefully always be the worst I'll ever know [well, know of because obviously i don't really know] hahaha....okay- I need to stop talking [and posting pictures of myself- it probably makes me seem vain] lol

"who's bleeding?"

current mood: Stupid

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Monday, March 29th, 2004
3:44 pm - Fuck me!
So I walk into English class today, looking adorable in my little spring outfit, but oh so hip with my black sun glasses and jean jacket. My crush walks in like a minute before class starts and sits down next to me! I was seriously going to pass out. We do some group activity thing and I casually ask if he wants to be in a group and he turns his desk toward mine and moves closer. Does this sound like high school because it definately feels like it. We're doing whatever and I glance down at my legs and realized that I haven't shaved in a few days!!! Granted it is hardly noticable, but still- I just thought to myself- "Heather, you fucking idiot! Now you're coming off as some hippie chick or something" Ah well, can't win them all. I totally need to just strike up a conversation with this guy; he's the shy type and needs a little push. This boy will be mine.

current mood: hopeful

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Sunday, March 28th, 2004
10:45 pm
I look stoned, but I swear I'm not!

BTW: this is from my christmas party

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7:31 pm
Notes to self:

Cranberry + Vodka will be the death of you

Random dinner parties are the way to go

Onopa is a good place to see shows


Stop talking to those that obviously don't want to talk to you

Randomly disappear for hours-weeks at a time

Build higher walls

That's right - I don't care what you have to say about this!

current mood: apathetic

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