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Tomorrow is another day

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12 June
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"life is a series of experiences, each of which making us stronger, although, sometimes we don't always realize this"

"the only things you can truly regret in life are the things you don't do."
1984, a silver mount zion, ace of base, adult, air, aleister crowley, alkaline trio, atb, ayn rand, azure ray, beatles, bis, bjork, black, black eye liner, blood brothers, blur, bob dylan, boys, brand new, bright eyes, buffalo 66, cake, candy, candyskins, capris, chinese food, cinderella, clinic, clockwork orange, clothes, coffee, college, concerts, conor oberst, constant 55, cursive, dali, dashboard confessional, death cab for cutie, denali, denison witmer, depeche mode, desa, diet coke, dntel, driving, drugs, ebs, electroclash, emo, enon, express, fiona apple, flappers, french, french kissing, friends, friendster, gay kids, goodwill, h&m, happy feet, har mar superstar, hats, heathers, hello kitty, hot hot heat, i-d, indie, italian food, jackson 5, jaguars, jimmy eat world, kat, kerouac, kid 606, kissing, kitties, laughing, law firms, lesser, love, madonna, melt banana, miller high life, milwaukee, mitsubishis, modest mouse, mods, movies, music, nights, olly, om, pagan loses faith, parties, pasta, pedro the lion, pink, placebo, planet, poetry, political science, portishead, psychology, q and not u, radiohead, ragstock, requiem for a dream, romeo & juliet, sailing, sailormoon, sex, shopping, sleeping, sleeping beauty, smirnoff, stars, strawberries, subs, swimming, techno, that 70's show, the 1920's, the casket lottery, the cure, the evaluation, the faint, the impossibles, the juliana theory, the liars, the limited, the microphones, the number 5, the obsoletes, the pastels, the postal service, the prom, the rapture, the strokes, the white stripes, tori amos, toyotas, trance, traveling, trip-hop, vanilla, vespas

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